European Heritage Policies

HEREIN workshops

Since the launching of the activity in June 2015, several “HEREIN workshops” [see document AT(2015) 196] have been confirmed or are being organised before the end of 2015: national workshops in Georgia (29-30 October), Spain (5 November), Greece (1-2 December) and Ukraine (date to be confirmed); regional workshops in Iceland (19-20 November) and Flanders (date to be confirmed). Two technical workshops (training of coordinators) will be held in the Republic of Moldova (15 September) and in Spain (6 November). The mobilization of national authorities vis-à-vis these workshops, as well as the participation of 18 coordinators, demonstrate the enthusiasm for this new HEREIN activity. The expected results should strengthen the HEREIN network, enhance the HEREIN Action plan for 2014-2015 and thus contribute to the drawing up of the Action Plan for 2016-2017 which will be submitted to the CDCPP Bureau for opinion in November 2015.