European Heritage Policies

"HEREIN in garden"

Following the crowdfinding on gardens carried out by France in March 2015, The French Ministry of Culture and Communication, together with the Council of Europe, organized a meeting for national representatives in charge of gardens on the 26th and 27th November in Paris. Seven countries responded to the call, namely Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders), France, Luxembourg, Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Netherlands. The participants agreed on the need to raise wider awareness of the questions related to the gardens’ policies. With this in mind, a proposal aiming at implementing a platform “HEREIN in garden” will be addressed to the Secretariat in order to foster the collection of specific information and promote exchanges regarding the issue. Furthermore, the participants will establish an action plan to consolidate their network in view to propose the launch of a European event on gardens. This may be discussed during the next meeting of the Director Committee for Culture, Heritage and Landscape in June 2016.